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The Students' Parliament of the Faculty is the organ of the Faculty through which the students realize their rights and protect their interests at the Faculty. The right to elect and be elected to the Students, Parliament have all the students of the Faculty enrolled to study in the school year in which the election is being made. The mandate of the members of the Students, Parliament lasts one year. Working of the Students, Parliament is public. The Students, Parliament consists of 5 (five) members. The Students, Parliament of the Faculty elects the members of the Students, Parliament of the University in accordance with the Statute and the general acts of the University. The method and the procedure for the nomination and the election of the candidates for the members of the Students, Parliament is regulated by the Statute of the Students, Parliament. The Students, Parliament may be increased by one member of the group of the students with special needs or from among the students of the minority groups. The voter list shall be determined by the Service for Education and Students, Affairs of the Faculty and submitted to the Students, Parliament and the Dean. The mandate of the member of the Students, Parliament that lost their student status shall terminate on the date of cessation, and the by-elections are conducted within the next 15 days.


President of the Students' Parliament

Nikola Đorđević

+381 64 425 63 69




Vladimir Jelenković

+381 69 121 3993