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Teaching stuff exhibition (Department of fine arts & Department of applied arts)

The exhibition of the teaching staff of the Department of Fine Arts and the Department of Applied Arts of the Faculty of Arts in Niš, due to the celebration of ten years, anniversary of the Faculty of Arts, was opened on Thursday, January 17th 2013. in the Gallery Srbija.

"The exhibition ahead of us includes the works of the associates, assistants and lecturers of the Department of Applied and Fine Arts at the Faculty of Arts in Niš. The exhibition, taking into consideration different media, approaches and authors’ individual poetics, is pronouncedly diverse. Several authors use the exhibited works to show their research of new art areas and the tendency towards new approaches to work, while the others extend their research to topical or purely formal level of their approaches that have already made them recognizable in their artistic surrounding." Davor Džalto, PhD, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Arts in Niš

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