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Exhibition “DIPLOMA 2016″ Master academic studies Students of Painting

The opening ceremony of the exhibition "DIPLOMA 2016" of Master academic studies students from the Department of Visual Arts, was held on 23rd June 2016 at the Pavilion in the Fortress. The main objective of the traditional exhibition " DIPLOMA" realized by the Faculty of Arts in Niš in cooperation with the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Niš is to present the creative achievements of young artists who have gained professional education in the field of painting. One-year study of visual problems at the master academic studies reveals visual poetic characteristics of eight authors, artwork - Ana Živadinović, Daniel Jakimovski, Danica Maksimović, Ognjen Milovanović, Božica Milojević, Kristina Milošević, Sava Mišić and Lazar Šošević. Taking into account the postulates of the contemporary art scene in the process of artistic education, under the mentorship of prof. mr Katarina Djordjević, these young artists have incorporated academic knowledge by analytical, meticulous approach into the new, personal artistic expression. By its subject matter, format and technical aspect, these artworks reflect alertness of young artists to critically examine the reality, the social environment, the segments of the past or to strive for the future. Although they completed their studies in one class, their work is characterized by individualism, which can be seen in the diverse interests of visual phenomena and interpretation of visual theme. Figuration, landscape and interior settings can be interpreted in terms of a broader framework in which there are numerous possibilities of transposing the theme, from factual guidance of all segments to the careful selection of individual elements, which, by the author,s imperative, become important elements of the compositions of images.